Mine4Sure - Iron-On Clothing Labels and Stickers for Kids

Iron-on name labels for clothes

Iron-on name labels for clothes

Our iron-on labels have been designed to identify in your name your clothes and fabric items. Easy and quick to iron on, they will allow you to label in less than 8 seconds socks, jumpers, jackets, coats, school uniforms ...

Whatever your need, for school, boarding, care or residential home, there is a set to suit your specific needs.

Our iron-on labels have been designed to withstand, for at least 10 years, washing machine and tumble dryer use.

Flexible, they adapt easily to most fabric fibres. They are so thin, they will go completely unnoticed to the wearers of the clothes but will make sure all their belongings are returned to their rightful owner.

Because they may be in direct contact with the skin, all our labels are printed with solvent free inks.

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(*) Please note that to ensure good legibility, it is not possible to print the text in uppercase only with the fonts E2, E3, E5, E8 et E12. We do however recommend the use of uppercase for the initials of both first name and surname.