Shoe lacing practice card: Teaching kids to tie their shoe laces!

Learning to tie shoe laces easily and quickly! The tried and tested method the Mine4Sure team’s mums recommend (and believe me that between us we have seen a loooot of shoes….). Our free printable Shoe lacing practice card is a fun way to learn a (very useful) new skill.

Making learning to tie shoe laces easy and fun with our shoe lacing practice card!

Shoe lacing practice card: Teaching kids to tie their shoe laces!



To make your shoe lacing practice card, you will need:

As you will see, you do not need very much to make this card.

  • The shoe lacing practice card template
  • Some scissors (a craft knife or hole puncher –optional-)
  • Colouring pens or pencils
  • A glue stick
  • Some laces or some wool
  • A piece of thick paper or cardboard

Next, follow the steps to make the card

  1. First of all, print the free printable “My shoe lacing practice card” template
  2. Then, stick it on the piece of thick paper or cardboard
  3. This 3rd step will require you, the parent’s, intervention: With a cutter or hole puncher, make the holes on the shoes so your apprentice shoe lacer(s) can thread the laces through.
  4. And now, let your little shoe lacers have fun and personalise their paper shoes! Let them colour the shoe templates to their fancy. To make personalise their shoes fully, they coan even write their name on the label inside the shoe.
  5. Last but not least, thread the laces through the holes as you would on real shoes

Card ready, shoes decorated? All there is left to do is let your child practice and soon get the hang of tying shoes laces 🙂


Other tips to teach kids to tie their shoe laces

shoes and laces

Photo :

As we parents, all know, there is never one universal method that works for all!! So we have listed here other methods easy to use:

  • Colour with a felt tip pen half of the shoe lace. A smart way to help your child distinguish the right side of the lace from the left
  • The Bunny ears method: Make the two loops look like Bunny ears and knot them together


Every little helps! Tying shoe laces is an important life skill kids need to learn, but so is wearing the “right” shoe on the “right” foot! Therefore, at Mine4Sure, we have designed bi-coloured shoe stickers that not only help identifying the shoes in your children’s names (quite useful for nursery or school) but also help kids distinguish their right shoe from their left. This way, they always wear the “right” shoe on the “right foot 🙂

left and right shoes stickers

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