The school essentials everyone needs

In the grand scheme of school life, parents find themselves facing the perennial challenge: Keeping track of their children’s school clothes! Whether it’s a forgotten sweater in the playground or a mix-up of PE kits in the school locker room, reasons to lose clothes at school are rife. So the school essentials everyone needs are personalised name labels.

uniform stickers, a school essential

How uniform stickers will get you out of a sticky situation?

If school uniforms have their advantages, their main drawback is that your children’s jumpers, ties, blazers look exactly the same as those of their school’s and classmates.
So, how to help your children return home with their rightful belongings and making sure that their blazers and other valuables clothes do not mysteriously vanish into the Bermuda Triangle of lost property?

Personalised name labels are the unsung hero of school life and the saviour of parents’ time and money. It may seem a trivial chore at the beginning of a new school year or the start of a new season, but one you will be glad to have undertaken. Making sure you have ordered a large enough stock in time for back to school and have everything labelled in your child’s name will definitely prove very worthwhile in the long run.
They will also make you parent n°1 in the hearts of the teachers, assistants and carers who need to deal with the lost and found, but never claimed, box contents. Yes, even parents can score brownie points at school!

The one school essential everyone needs to find their clothes!

Custom name labels for clothes come in different types and will suit parents in different ways:

The iron on clothing labels require a bit more time to apply, but once they are on, they stay on! Washing machine and tumble drying proof, there are no risk of them coming off once fixed on properly. Bigger in size than stick on clothing labels uk, they identify clearly and distinctively your children clothes.

The stick on clothes labels are the top sellers, as they offer the quickest long lasting labelling solution. And these days and age, when time is of the essence, it’s easy to understand why! It only takes 2 seconds to stick them on the brand or care tags of the clothes you want labelled.
They are also easier to remove once you are done with the clothes.

For a more traditional look and feel, you can also pick custom clothing labels to sew.
Sew in name labels are also washing machine and tumble dryer proof.
Mine4Sure ones are made of soft to the touch, quality satin. Thermocut, they are ready to use and will not fray.

Finally, clothes name stamps are getting more and more popular amongst parents. The speed of the labelling is certainly their very strong point. But bear in mind that this way of identifying clothes and fabric items is not as long lasting as personalised name labels.
It also works best on light coloured fabrics.

Personalised name labels for objects

school name labels

Clothes and uniforms are not the only things you will want to label when your child heads to school.

Whether going into nursery, preschool or school, your children will have a lot of belongings that will be best to identify in their names. Clothing is quite a big part of that, but think also lunch/snack boxes, school supplies, sports and music equipments…
A mixed pack of name labels will allow you to mark their clothes, their shoes and all the other objects they take to school or nursery.
At Mine4Sure, we have designed lots of different packs to suit your different needs according to their age and activities. They offer a combination of labels for clothes, stickers for objects and some for shoes too. These combo packs offer great value for money and will keep you going the year long.

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