Mother’s Day Card DIY: everyone will love!

On March 10, it will be HER day! And mums all over the world love a little card telling them how much they are loved. Especially when it’s homemade by their own children! With this mind, we have come up with this simple Mother’s Day Card DIY that she will love to receive and kids will very much enjoy to make.

Mother’s Day Card DIY: everyone will love!

Necessary material

Start by downloading the template and stencil as shown above.

Thereafter, you will need:

  • A couple of white sheets of paper or thin card
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sticky tack
  • Some finger paints. You can of course pick any colour you want.
  • A recipient or small plate for each colour
  • Felt tip coloured pens
  • And last but not least, the kiddos fingertips!!

Making the Mother’s Day Card DIY

To start, get the children decide which colours they want to use. You can follow our example, choose their mummy’s favourite colours or their own preferred ones.

Next, they can colour the letters “Happy Mother’s Day” using colouring pens or the paints, it’s up to you/them.

Then they can complete the sentence below with Mummy, Mama, Mother, Mom … for example

The next step is to hollow out the heart stencil.  Remove the hashed inside part.
This sheet will serve to fill in the heart with the children’s fingerprints.

Now that you have hollowed out the stencil, place this sheet on top of the other sheet with the text. Secure it in place using blue tack or masking tape, for the time it takes to make the imprints.

Now, for the FUN part! If it is not already done, get each child to choose the colour paint they want. Here Emily picked pink, Alfie blue and Lottie orange.
Taking turns, they dip their fingertips in the paint and make an imprint inside the heart.
The idea is to fill in the heart with a mix of their colours.
To prevent colours from mixing too much, make sure the paints aren’t too runny and don’t hesitate to let it dry a bit before adding more imprints.

Fill in the heart shape completely. Let the paint dry for at least 10 minutes before lifting the stencil to prevent the paint from running on the card part.

Now, every masterpiece needs to be signed! The children can add their fingerprints below the heart in their chosen colour and write their name next to it.

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