Beautiful flowery Easter Bunny DIY

Can you already hear the hoppity hippety hops of the Easter Bunny in the garden? With Easter fast approaching and being particularly early this year, there is no time to lose it get going with our Easter decorations and this adorable Flowery Easter Bunny DIY is just THE thing!

Flowery Easter Bunny DIY

To make this lovely Flowery Easter Bunny:

You will need:

  • To gather around 20 flowers, leaves, grass strands
  • To download the Bunny head free template
  • Some paper or card
  • A glue stick
  • A pair of scissors

Easter Bunny spring DIY

Step by step instructions:

The sun is shining, time to head outside to gather the flowers and foliage you will need.

Once you have collected all the beautiful flowers, leaves and other treasures nature can offer, it is time to seat down and get going.

The first step will be to choose which flowers you will be using and cut the stalks off the flowers. Make sure to leave just the head of the flowers whenever possible.
If you have collected more flowers than you will be using, why not making little flower bunches? Then spread them around the house.

Next, it’s time for the children (or you) to unleash your creativity and start glue-ing the flowers and garden leaves.
Put a drop of glue at the back of each flower and stick on the bunny’s head template one by one.
Repeat as often as necessary.
Big leaves make egg-cellent Bunny ears and grass strands perfect whiskers.

All there is left to do is to find a place of pride to display your beautiful flowery Easter Bunny DIY.

We hope your little artists will love making this DIY as much as we did.
Feel free and very welcome to share their adorable flowery Easter bunny creations on our social media accounts Instagram and Facebook @mine4sure #mine4surefamily #mine4sureandyou!

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