Easter egg hunt certificate of Egg-Cellence

Easter is early this year and I am sure your little egg hunters are already hopping around, excited with the prospect of filling their Easter baskets and tummies with this year’s Easter chocolate bounty. Our Easter egg hunt certificate of Egg-Cellence will just add the perfect special touch to this year’s Easter egg hunt and will make each egg hunter feel egg-stra special and a real champion!


Certificate of Egg-Cellence for Easter Egg hunting champions

Easter Egg Hunt tips

When organising an Easter Egg hunt, a few simple things are to be kept in mind:

1/ Think of different hiding places according to the children ages: easier to find and reach for younger children. You can up the game for the older, more seasoned egg hunters who are taking part in the egg hunt.

2/ Keep a note (mental or written) of how many eggs and treats have been hidden and where. It will help giving clues to those who are struggling to find their Easter bounty and save you finding chocolate eggs every time you garden or mow the lawn in the weeks (months… yes, yes speaking of experience) after Easter.

3/ If your group includes children of several ages, you could give each of them a list of what they need to look for. This ensures that older kids will not pinch all the eggs, leaving the little ones with nothing much.

4/ Older children will undoubtedly finish faster, encourage them to then help their younger egg hunting siblings/friends in their search. Making this moment a very special time for all to remember.

5/ Some will say that there is never enough chocolate and sweets. It can be true for some, but some might not like it or it may be too much for younger children. Why not, replace the sweet treats by other little treats, such as little toys, vouchers for, books…

6/ While, traditionally, the Easter egg hunts take place outside, not everyone has a garden or park nearby. Weather (too hot, too rainy) can also prevent from the hung from being outside but certainly not from taking place. You will find that one’s house offers tons if hiding places 😉


Custom Easter bags and baskets

The essential equipment

No self-respecting egg hunter can go searching without proper equipment. Baskets, bags… there are plenty of choices. With our gorgeous personalised Easter totebags or Bunny bags, no risk of swapping Easter treasures 😊

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