The quickest way to label your children’s clothes!

Amongst our best-selling labels for school, the stick on clothes labels rank in the top 3, each Back to School season after season. This type of personalised clothing label offers the quickest way to label your children’s clothes so that they are clearly identified and are returned to their little owners.

The quickest way to label your children’s clothes!

The stick on clothing labels: The quickest way to label your children’s clothes!

Easy and quick to apply, ultra resistant, Mine4Sure special clothing stickers are super practical to use as well as fantastic time and money savers.

Fix them in 2 seconds flat onto the brand or care labels of the garments you want to mark in your name. No need for an iron or sewing.

They are a reliable labelling solution that helps finding lost items. They ensure the return of jumpers, school blazers, school uniforms to their owners whilst earning you bonus points from teachers and school staff who will love less lost and found to manage!
And every found piece of clothes won’t have to be replaced by buying new ones.
They are available in different quantity sets: from as little as 10 and up to 210! Your labels will be printed and dispatched within 24h to 48h and standard delivery worldwide is free.

Personalise your stick on labels for clothes

Like our iron on name labels,  the personalised self-adhesive clothing tags are printed with solvent free inks, because it is, not only, good for our skins but also for the planet. They are waterproof and will happily go through 60°C washes and the tumble dryer!

Personalise your clothing name labels with our vast personalisation options: you can write your full name (first name and family name), you choose the background colour of the colour of text, your favourite font and you can even add a logo. The hardest will be to pick one amongst the 100+ ones to choose from.

stick on clothing labels

The quickest way to label your children’s clothes

Long lasting, the stickers special clothes will remain stuck a long time after your children have outgrown their clothes.
One condition though: Making sure they are correctly applied!
Read on for our tips and practical advice on how to stick your clothing labels for school.

  • Our self-adhesive clothing tags make labelling easy and quick and long lasting. They have strong adhesive that allows them to remain firmly attached without the need for sewing or ironing.
    All you need is a brand or care label on your garment to stick your stickers for clothes onto.
    They are not designed to be stuck directly to the fabric of the clothes, they risk coming loose in washes.
    A possible exception being items made of synthetic fabrics (polyester for example). In this case, you can apply the stick-on labels for clothes directly onto the fabric.
  • There are 4 shapes of labels on any one sheet. Select the shape that suits the care or brand label best.
  • Peel the chosen label off the backing sheet, making sure not to touch the adhesive side too much.
  • Position your personalised label in the desired location.
  • Press firmly for a couple of seconds for maximum adhesion, making sure there is no air bubble between the name sticker and the care label.
  • Finally, wait at least 24h before washing or applying any constraint.

YES!! It’s that easy and quick!

How to remove your custom name stick on label?

In addition to be the quickest way to label your children’s clothes, it’s also quick and easy to remove the sticky labels off the clothes when your children have outgrown them, if you want to donate or pass them on.

Whilst they won’t come unstuck by themselves, if you pull them gently off their supporting care label, they will come off.

No care or brand labels?

Your garment has no care label?  Its material does not allow for your custom stick on label to be fixed directly on the fabric?  We have the solution! Our range also includes other types of labels for clothes.

Custom iron on clothing labels: Waterproof, washing machine and dryer safe. Fix them with an iron in less than 8 seconds on all types of fabric that withstand iron cotton/linen heat.
They are great for school’s blazers, uniforms, trousers, shirts…; to identify clearly linen and towels for boarding or community living…

Sew on labels: Made of soft satin, these sew in name labels are thermos cut so they do not fray.
The ink and satin are Okeo tex. They are great for labelling more fragile items like knitted or crocheted garments as well as pieces of clothing which cannot stand the heat of an iron or do not have care/brand labels.
In addition, the sew in name labels add a beautiful finishing touch to all fabric handmade creations and crafts.

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