How to best pack for camp

Going to camp, on a school trip, to a scout week-end is always a big adventure! An adventure that starts for the “would be adventurers” as an innevitable headache for their parents: Off to camp, how to best pack ? in order for our little adventurers to have all they need and, as importantly, to not leave half of their belongings behind when heading back home.


1/ How to best pack for camp: The check list or packing list

When organising your budding explorers bags, the 1st thing to do is to make a check list/packing list. There are several apps on mobile that can help you but best still is to print one! This is why our team has designed this check list/packing list to help you pack, with camp particularly in mind.
In addition to be practical, it is also a useful tool to develop children’s autonomy. Following this list, they will be able to get their stuff ready (almost) by themselves.
First of all, complete the check list with the number of pieces needed for each type of clothes or objects.
Then let your explorers get their stuff ready following the list.
Our tip: Slip a copy of the list in their bags so that when it’s time to head home they can follow the list to be sure nothing is left behind.

Some documents might be required by the camp, trip organisers. Remember to add them to the list, we have left some free lines for you to add whatever is necessary.

Download and print your checklist here


2/Off to camp? Packing helps developing your child’s autonomy

A great tip when packing your child’s suitcase or bag is to organise his clothes day by day. For each day, pack a set complete set of clothes (clothes, underwear, socks…). The children can manage their things by themselves each day, yet there has been a little helping hand ahead.
Make sure to have check the weather ahead of the trip away, and whatever happens plan to add a few extra change of clothes in case of bad weather or change in the forecast.

Our Tidy Bags are ideal for a well packed and organised suitcase, travel bag. Prettier and more environmently friendly than a plastic bag, they are made of 100% cotton.
These drawstring bags are fully customisable. You choose your text, either amongst the ones we offer or you enter your own text, the logo or theme and the colour, there are 11 to choose from

They come in 3 different sizes: S, M, L:

  • The size L is ideal for collecting the dirty laundry to bring back home at the end of the trip 😉 or hold bigger pieces of clothing such as jackets, swimming kit, towels…
  • In the size M, you will tidy a pair of shoes, tshirts, undies, pyjamas, spare set of clothes….
  • – The size S can be used to tidy medicines, comforters, card games, toys, cables and chargers…

This way, the kids will easily and quickly find their personal belongings and the camp staff and carers will be delighted to see your kids so well organised 🙂

Personalised cotton bags luggage organisers

3/Off to camp? Label it all to find it all!

The 1st hurdle the children will come across is to make sure that they find their bags in the jungle of travel bags and suitcases. So, first, remember to label their bags with a luggage tag. In addition to your address, add a telephone number or email address so you can be quickly reached when the misplaced suitcase is found.

When it comes to labelling clothes, you can use iron on name labels or stick on clothing tags. Remember to also label objects (phone, game consoles, books, hairbrush, toothbrush, glasses, water bottle…) and shoes!  Personalised name stickers are a quick and efficient way to do so. Check out our combo value packs if you need to label both clothes and objects, they offer a mix of labels for both purposes.

iron on name labels for clothes


4/ Must haves when off to camp

No doubt, the camp organisers will provide a list of items required when off to camp. In addition to clothes, remember to pack a hat or 2, a rainproof coat, some sunglasses, a good pair of walking boots, flip flops as these are easy and quick to slip on.
Another good thing to bring is a water bottle, that can be refilled at will.
Our personalised kids water bottles can be a great companion to any outdoor outing. Made of stainless steel, they are insulated. Thanks to their double wall, they keep drinks cold for 24h and hot for 12h! With plenty of adorable designs (camp, savana, cats, unicorn, flowers…), you are sure to find one for your budding explorer or confirmed camper 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful summer and to your little campers great adventures!

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