Messages for the planet to show we care

In today’s world, environmental issues are becoming increasingly important. The threats to our environment as we know it are more present than ever. Pollution, greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide emissions, deforestation as well as water scarcity all drive climate change and increase the occurrence of extreme weather events. We’re in this together!
Whilst no one single person’s actions can save the world, our collective efforts, at our own level, to limit the impact of our actions and behaviour can make a BIG difference! Afterall, don’t we all agree that it does take a village…?

To raise awareness about the importance of our daily gestures and what we can do to help, we have come up with lots of little messages that can be displayed around the house, that teachers and kids can use at school to spread the word to their friends and families, always with a sense of benevolence and a dash of humour.
And maybe these actions will change our daily behaviour and help give a better, brighter future to our lovely planet and all those depending on its good health 😊

message for the planet poster        raising awareness ecology poster

Our messages for the planet

Below is a little list, by no means exhaustive, of benevolent and fun messages we hope will help everyone to reflect on their actions, change their behaviour to protect our planet.

We have turned each of our messages for the planet into posters that you are free to download (just click on the link in each of the messages). Or you can use our blank one to create a lot more using the children’s imagination. They will be great displayed in windows, teachers can use them in a school project.
You can even create your own, with this plain template, to print and colour.

Our messages for the planet put into actions!

There are plenty little things we can do in our daily lives to contribute to lesser our impact on the planet and lead a greener daily life. Here are a few:

Reduce our consumption of single use plastic.

As much as possible, we need to reduce our plastic consumption.
And the first and easier thing to do is to forget plastic bottles and use a reusable water bottle wherever you go! And our personalised water bottles might just fit the bill 😊
They are insulated, so your drinks keep hot for 12 hours and cold for 24h. Customised with a name each member of the family can have its own.

Switching off

Switching off the light when leaving a room or all our electric appliances rather than leaving them on stand-by, unplugging chargers and devices when not in use or fully charged…. A list of little things, quick to do, that will make a remarkable difference!
And the added benefit is that you’ll get to enjoy a smaller electricity bill !

Messages for the planet to show we care

Label your belongings

Another little step is to label our belongings so they don’t get lost and need replacing.
We have a say here in Mine4Sure: Label it and Find it!
For your garments and fabric items, you can use name labels  for clothes.

They come in different types, shapes and sizes to suit all your requirements:

  • If you are pressed for time, not a big fan of the iron or the sewing needle, clothing label stickers are a quick and easy solution. All you need is a brand or care labels, stick them on and voilà!! The marking is done and dusted.
  • Iron on name labels are still the favourite labelling solution for families. They offer fantastic value for money, long lasting marking. Yes, you do need an iron but nowadays the technology has developed so much that they are quick to iron and will stay put for years.
  • The 3rd type of name tags for clothes is sew in name labels. These are ideal for more fragile textile items, those that cannot be ironed.

We hope you will find a great use for all these phrases and that it will inspire you for more; Don’t hesitate to share wih us your ideas and creations on Instagram or Facebook

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