Frightfully easy Halloween recipes: Mummies toasts and Witches brooms

Want to impress your hungry monsters for Halloween ? The Mine4Sure team has rose up to the challenge and we have found some frightfully easy Halloween recipes: Mummies toasts and Witches brooms
Easy and quick to make, they are the ideal diner option before your monsters, witches and would be vampires heading out to « Trick or Treat » fully equiped with their personalised Halloween bags.


Frightfully easy Halloween recipes: Mummies toasts and Witches brooms


Frightfully easy Halloween recipe: The Mummies Toasts

(by Mummies we’re obviously talking about the scary ones coming out on Halloween night! not the sweet mothers that you are)

To make these Mummies toasts, you will need :

  • Slices of sliced bread
  • Some tomato sauce
  • Slices of cheese
  • A few black olives

This Halloween recipe step by step :

First of all, spread the tomato sauce onto the slices of bread

Next, cut the slices of cheese in 1cm wide strips, and place them on the toasts in zigzag (like a mummy’s bandages)

Final step is to slice the black olives and position two of them on each toast and cheese, to make the mummy’s eyes.

Your toasts are now ready to go in the oven, under the grill for 5 minutes to melt the cheese and cook the sauce a little bit.

Tadam ! As if by magic, diner is ready to serve !!

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Easy and adorable witches brooms!

Our second recipe is also so easy to make !

You will need :

  • Bretzels sticks
  • Slices of cheese or stringy cheese
  • Some chives

Halloween witches brooms savoury snacks


The 1st step consists of cutting the slice of cheese in half

Then slice the bottom half of the strip you have obtained from about 1cm from the top, it is important not to cut all the way to the top,.

Next, wrap the strip of cheese around the broomstick (ie the bretzel stick)

Keep it in place using the chive as a string


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