Easter DIY: Origami finger game

Look what the Mine4Sure team has designed for your little ones: a fun Origami finger game Easter DIY!


Download our free printable and let the fun begin!

Easter DIY: Origami finger game

A fun Easter DIY for the children! To make your Easter special origami finger game, it’s easy!

First of all : Download our free PDF : Easter special Origami finger game

Then print it! Thereafter, it’s easy:

  • First, cut around the game visual to obtain a square shape.
  • Once cut, place the square printed side face down on the table. You should only see the non printed side of the sheet.
  • Then, fold each corner back towards the centre of the square.
  • Now, turn the sheet over. You should have a square with the little rabbit in the centre as well as the riddles.
  • Repeat the 1st stage of folding, fold the corners towards the centre in order to obtain a square again.
  • Again, fold this square in half and mark the folds. (Still with me ?)
  • Finally, fold the square again to obtain a rectangle with two white rabbits on coloured back ground on either side !

Tah Dah ! Here you have it: Your Easter DIY origami finger game ! Now all you have to do is get counting…

A personalised Easter bag for a memorable and personalised Easter Egg Hunt

Bunny personalised bag

To make the Easter Egg Hunt extra special, the Mine4Sure team has imagined cute personalised Easter bags to replace the traditional Easter baskets
and to collect all the Easter chocolate eggs and treats.
2 shapes are available. First of all, the Bunny bag, the cutest of Easter bags, where the ears make the handles. Our 2nd design is a small tote bag, ideal for kids. Whichever the model you choose, the bags are personalised in the name of the Easter egg hunters.

The lil’ plus of Mine4Sure personalised Easter bags? They can be reused year after year and benefit from a free worldwide delivery and special family degressive prices so you can get one for each of your little egg hunters!

From us all here in the Mine4Sure team: HAPPY EASTER!

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