Seashell origami DIY: Fun and easy summer activity!

Get into the summer spirit with this ocean inspired DIY ! A lovely seashell origami DIY super-easy to do to keep the kids busy on a summer afternoon.

How to make your seashell origami

In addition to the printable, you will need :

  • Color paper sheet
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • And little hands to fold it all!


Let’s get making! 

The first step is to print the seashell. To download it, click on the button above.

Then cut out the seashell and its base.

Next, fold the seashell like an accordeon, following the black dotted lines.

To finish, glue the base at the back of the seashell.

Can’t stop the kids making these beautiful seashell origami DIYs? Turn them into a shell garland! Just print the seashells on sheets of different colour papers: like a beautiful combination of pastel hues of blue, yellow, orage, lilac… or more vivid colours if it’s what take your fancy.
Then, with a hole punch make a small hole at the top of each seashell and thread them on a piece of string.
Complete the theme with our DIY starfish origami and an adorable crab birthday card.

An easy DIY to do with your kids and perfect to celebrate the summer!

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