DIY starfish origami

In need of a kid’s activity which does not require a loads of material? You’re in the right place! Let’s do our simple et and cute DIY starfish origami! A fun activity for the kids, super-easy and colourful!

Make an origami starfish easily

An activity on the theme of the sea and the beach: make a DIY starfish origami. The ideal and super cute and relaxing activity to spend a rainy afternoon!


To do this DIY you need:


  • A sheet of paper (coloured or not)
  • Some coloured pencils
  • A pair of scissors
  • Mini hands to fold!


Your starfish step by step

Start by downloading the free starfish template below. You can, like us, print it on a coloured sheet. Here we have chosen yellow, but don’t hesitate to use blue, green or pink. You can also print it on a white sheet of paper so that your child can colour his star as he wishes!

Then fold the star along the dotted lines. Folding it, will give volume to your starfish. You can print out more than one and create a whole ocean-themed activity by making our other two DIYs:


Have fun!

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    Hello! Thank you for sharing such a fun craft! Is this link for download still available? It wont load for me unfortunately. Comes up with an error. Thank you for your help!

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