Leaf mask DIY: an Autumn activity to keep the kids busy

The summer is officially well and truly over, and not just because the weather is telling us so ! Today is the official 1st day of Autumn. This is the time of year when nature puts on its prettiest colours and the perfect season for this super leaf mask DIY: An Autumn activity to keep the kids busy

Leaf mask DIY : an Autumn activity to keep the kids busy

Leaf mask DIY : How to make this Autum activity with the kids ?

As usual, in Mine4Sure, we are trying to keep things as simple as possible for you. And let’s face it, often simpler things are met with more excitement and commitment from the kids than complicated ones. No risk of them getting tired half way through making it.


To make this mask, you will need:

  • pretty, colourful autumn leaves
  • thick card ou thin cardboard (an empty cereal box is perfect),
  • some glue
  • a pair of scissors
  • a wooden stick: a wooden kebab (cut out the spiky ends) or a chopstick

The very 1st stage : a stroll in the park or in the forest !

Unless you have a garden that can provide you with plenty of different leaves, why not use this activity as an excuse to take the kids out of the house ?!
Objectives : a good run around, some fresh air and enjoying the last sunny days of the season.

In addition, let’s not forget the main reason for this outing : To collect plenty of beautiful leaves to make this leaf mask DIY autumn activity. Red, yellow, brown, green… no restriction on colours to get the biggest WOW effect !
This is also an opportunity to learn a bit about the plants and trees and put a name on each of them. Here is a tip that can help mamas and papas learning botanists ! There are great plant identifying apps to download on your phone. One of our favourite is Pl@ntNet (available both for android or iphone)


The 2nd part : download and print our leaf mask DIY template

Once back home, put your autumnal bounty on the side, whilst you download and print the mask template below :

autumn kids DIY leaf mask

Once printed, cut around the chosen mask shape following the lines with a pair of scissors (under the appropriate supervision or with the help of an adult according to the age of the child in charge of the scissors, of course).

Use the rectangle on the right side of the mask to fix the wooden chop or kebab.

Once your paper template is cut out, trace out the shape on a piece of thick-ish card or a thin cardboard so that the mask is sufficiently rigid.

The next stage of this DIY consists in sticking the leaves on the mask shape. Time for the children to get their best glue stick (marked in their name of course) and let their imagination run wild.
If the activity is done under your supervision or another responsible adult, consider using a glue gun. It allows more precision in the glueing and the amount of glue dispensed.

Pssst ! To get the best finished look, we recommend doing a dry display of the leaves on the paper template (without glueing them). You can,then, make the adjustements you want before sticking them for good on the cardboard mask shape.

The finished result will depend a lot on the type, colours and amount of leaves you use.

This activity is great, you can make it a dozen times and get a different mask every time !

The last stage of this leaf mask DIY autumn activity is to fix the stick to hold the mask up, venitian style.

Use the rectangle on the right handside of the mask, cover it with glue and wrap it around the stick. Tadam ! The mask is now ready.

We hope you and the kids enjoyed this activity, celebrating the best the fall season has to give us !
Share your creations with us in the comments or on our social media platforms (instagram and facebook)

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