Homemade Advent calendar DIY: Decorate your 24 treat bags!

December 1st is fast approaching! But no worries, there is still a bit of time to finish your homemade Advent calendar DIY and decorate your 24 treats bags ready for the start of Advent.
We have designed this DIY to be used on the 24 bags contained in our Advent calendar kit. But, of course, you can use it on the bags of your choice.

For this activity, we have kept the « Christmas village » theme of our personalised advent wood calendar. We are turning each bag into cute houses!

Homemade Advent calendar DIY: Decorate your 24 treat bags!

Homemade Advent calendar DIY

To decorate your 24 treat bags you will need:

  • 24 kraft paper treat bags (we used the ones from our Advent calendar kit)
  • A pencil
  • A fine black felt-tip pen
  • Your favourite colouring felt-tip pens.
    We used metal ink felt-tip pens from Stabilo but Poscas work very well too.

How to decorate your treats bags

To help you turn these brown gift bags into adorably decorated bags, we have prepared several templates. You can download for free and print them at home.

Free printable to decorate Advent calendar treat bags

First of step of all, fold the top corners of the bags in order to make the shape of the roof

Next, copy or get inspired by the designs available on the free template to customise each bag as you wish.

We recommend to start drawing all the details (doors, windows, decorations, trees…) on your bags with a pencil to have a first overview of the complete design.

Once you are happy with your drawings, just go over the lines with your black felt-tip pen.

Now, with your colouring felt tip pens, colour in or add splashes of colours to each of your bags.

Finally, after having decorated all your bags, you can number each one of them from 1 to 24, with our Christmas countdown stickers. These stickers are also included in our Advent calendar kit.

And here you are, the beautiful houses are ready to receive the small Advent treats for your children and loved ones.
Short of gift ideas for your Advent calendar? Why don’t you have a little look here?! We drafted a little list of Advent fillers ideas, that all have been a hit with our kiddos and loved ones.

Now, to your pens and let the magic of Christmas begin !
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