DIY: Santa’s footprints

Christmas decorations and lights are up, the tree is fully decorated, the letter to Santa has been sent… All clues meaning that it is not long now before Santa’s visit. And, therefore, the children discover the presents he left underneath the Christmas tree. To add some Christmas magic to their surprise and excitement, we have found this adorable DIY : Santa’s footprints !

We love this idea for Christmas morning! No doubt Father Christmas has really been here!


DIY: Santa’s footprints

DIY: Santa’s footprints

All you need to make this DIY: Santa’s footprints

  • The stencil template to download just here and print
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some flour

Santa’s footprints « step by step » 😄

Reproducing Father’s Christmas footprints is child’s play ! The kids would love doing it too, if it wasn’t to surprise them on Christmas morning 😉

The very first thing to do, in order to use them as stencils, is to cut out the inside of each footprint, following the dotted lines.

DIY Santa's footprints

Next, place the stencils in a strategic place close to the Christmas tree.

Then, sprinkle the flour to make the footprints

Santa's footprints DIY for Christmas

Remove delicately the stencils and here you have them: Proof that Santa did truly delivered the presents!

Beautiful personalised Christmas gift bags and Santa sacks

Santa visited, his footprints are here to prove it!

Imagine everyone delight finding their presents beautifully wrapped in personalised christmas gift bags or packed in gorgeous Santa sacks personalised in their name.

Personalised hessian Santa sack to hold all christmas presents

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