How many sleeps until…? Start counting with our rainbow countdown chart!

Grasping the concept of time is not an easy task for children. For proof, how many times have we heard « Are we there yet ? », « Is it today ? », « How many sleeps until… ? » ? Start couting with our rainbow countdown chart !
Time is a very vague notion for the little ones. Whilst they start getting an interest for the notion of time or duration around the age of 4 or 5, they will start being comfortable with the concept of days of the week, time and the notion of past, present and futur only between the ages of 6 and 8 years old.
This is why kids understand the concept of passing time better when they have concrete references such as sleeps, meals, baths…

Inspired by the Montessori education, this rainbow countdown chart is a great tool to help children understand the concept of time and find their marks. It provides a visual tool to help them realise the date is getting closer.

How many sleeps until…? Start counting with our rainbow countdown chart!

How many sleeps until Back to School? Start counting with our rainbow countdown chart!

With Back to School in mind, our clever design team has prepared this special rainbow countdown chart. Its objective is to help your child visualising the days passing by and taking his/her marks in time.
It’s simple ! Just write the name of the days of the week left before school starts against the corresponding number of days left. Then, position the arrow on the day of the week and turn it each day so your child can visualise daily the time passing.
Why not, getting your child to write the days himself or herself ?

To make this rainbow countdown chart :

In addition to the template, you will need :

  • A pen
  • A brad
  • A pair of scissors

Download your rainbow countdown chart, special Back to School just here:

rainbow back to school countdown chart

Very 1st day at school ! A bit of organisation needed

The very 1st day at school is a big step for all the family and requires some organisation.
Preschooler will not recognise their belongings, make everybody’s task easier by labelling all their clothes and belongings. It will save you and the teachers, stress, time and money in the long run (cutting out unnessecary re-purchases). Choose the name label which suits your need best : iron-on, stick-on or sew-on name labels for clothes, personalised name stickers for objects and shoes
As the past year as taught us, best, also, to avoid too many swaps at school ! A cup marked in your child’s name or even better his or her very own personalised water bottle is ideal to take to school. Discover our new personalised kids water bottles : choose their favourite design, personalised it with  their name and say goodbye to plastic bottles. Insulated, made of stainless steel, they keep the drinks cold for 24h and hot for 12h 😊

Of course, countdown charts can be used to count the days to any impotant event in your child’s life : a sleepover, a birthday party, a special day out, a visit to the grand parents…
We have made a more general version that you can download right here

rainbow sleeps countdown chart

All you need to do is fill in the days of the week and the name of the special event.
Happy counting down !!

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