Lion’s head spring DIY : Create a flowery lion’s mane

Yes, spring is definitely in the air! We are all enjoying being out again and discovering all that nature’s offering in our gardens!
But hey, which flower can be more appropriate to use to make our Lion’s head spring DIY than dandylions? Its colour remind us of the sun and the savana!

Lion’s head spring DIY: Make its flowery mane

To make this cutest of DIYs, you will need:

  • About 20 dandylion’s flowers
  • Download and print our lion’s head template
  • A stick of glue
  • Some scissors

First of all, get the kiddos to slip on some shoes and head out in the garden to collect the dandylions. Dandylions flowers work best, but kids can let their imagination run wild and collect other flowers.
Afterall, if the other flowers aren’t used to create this adorable lion’s flowery mane, they will make a pretty bunch on the kitchen table 🙂

Once you are done with collecting the flowers, cut the heads off delicately (do not leave any stem on them).

Put a drop of glue at the back of each flower and stick on the lion’s head template one by one in a circle.
Repeat as much as necessary. The more flowers, the bigger the lion’s mane.

If access to a green space is not possible and/or dandylions are out of season, children can use orange or yellow wool, cotton. But, of course, they can also use any other colours that take their fancy.
An alternative is also to make this flowery lion’s mane with coloured pens and pencils.

We love this DIY which combines an outing (and we all know sometimes we REALLY need to provide a GOOD reason to the kids to justify leaving the house) and a creative adorable DIY!

Following pretty much the same instructions, you can also make this adorable bunny. Download the free template, just here.

Or this template juste here


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