Valentine’s Day magic tea light candles

Love is all we need! There are many ways to show your love and these Valentine’s Day magic tea light candles are sure to melt the heart of all your loved ones: whether the loves of your life are your lifelong companion, school sweetheart, BFF or just those who count in your life! !
This lovely DIY is one way to spread love but we have quite a few of other suggestions up our sleeves, or should I say stuck in our collars. Because being the specialists of name labels doesn’t mean we don’t know how to be romantic! Let us show you how!

Magic tea candles DIY


Say it and show it!

It may seem obvious to you that you love them, but the main thing is for those you love and care for to know that you are thinking of them and how much they mean to you. Not just one day in February! But throughout the year, it’s even better!

Make sure they know by telling them:
– Slip a little note into your child’s coat pocket or lunchbox, a love letter into the bag or purse of your significant other; that they will all love to discover during the day.

– Make that call to your parents, siblings and besties, or get the kids to call their grand parents. No need for a long speech, sometimes a “I love you”, ” I am thinking of you”, “I miss you” is all it takes and will mean the world to them.

– Surprise them with Mine4sure’s special Valentine’s Day stickers for clothes to stick inside your other half’s or your little ones shirts or sweaters. They may be printed without solvent but you can be sure they are full of love 🥰 and be an original gift idea everyone will love.

Stickers for clothes special Valentines day


Little attentions go a long way:
– Prepare their favourite breakfast  or snack to start or end the day in a lovely way

– Organise a surprise outing, they have wanted to do for a long time

– Surprise them with little gifts and special attentions:

  • Buy or make their favourite dessert
  • Get a bunch of flowers (yes, believe me! It will be appreciated and no, flowers aren’t overrated!)
  • Pick them up instead of letting them take the bus
  • Wait for them outside school or office when they’re not expecting you.
  • Invite your BFF, parent, sibling for a picnic or homemade lunch.

The key words are “surprise“and “special“! There is no need to spend a lot of money, or do extravagant things. The best things are those that come from the heart and show that you know what they like.

Valentine’s Day magic tea light candles

Candles to decorate your table on Valentine’s Day and any other day of the year! And not just any of them!
What’s so special about them? Love filled messages will appear as the candles burn down. A wonderful way to surprise the love(s) of your life.

Materials you’ll need to make Valentine’s Day magic candles:

  • The DIY template (to download for free below)
  • a pair of scissors
  • Tea light candles
  • a scalpel or craft knife

download your valentines day tea candles diy here

download your Valentines Day DIY

Steps to make the DIY Valentine’s Day candles:

  • First, cut out the templates that inspire you most (you also have the possibility to customise the blank templates yourself, for example with the date you first met, of your wedding, of a special event etc)
  • Using a pencil lead, make a small hole in the center of the model (a white circle indicates the center of the candle)
  • Then hold the wick of the candle and separate the wax from its aluminum casing. You can then see the metal support base of the wick under the wax
  • Using the blade of a scalpel, carefully run it between the support base and the candle itself, in order to loosen it from the wax. Be careful not to cut the wick off the base.
  • You can then feed the end of the wick through the hole in the paper model and then put the wick back into the wax
  • All you have to do, now, is re-assemble the candle and reposition the wax in its original aluminum case

And there you have it, a nice DIY to put on the table for Valentine’s Day (and every other day)!

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