Make your own Halloween monster doughnuts

Want to win the title of best Mummy (in both senses of the word) or Dad of the Halloween season? This recipe is for you!
Turn plain doughnuts into Halloween monster doughnuts. So fun and cool, they are sure to hit n°1 place in the favourite snacks list this Halloween!
And our favourite trick (more like a treat for you!)  is that they are frighteningly easy to make!

scary monster doughnuts

To make your own Halloween monster doughnuts:

All you need is:

  • Some doughnuts, with different coverings to make them all different
  • Some candy teeth
  • A bunch of edible eyes

make your own Halloween scary monsters


Now, in with the fun part!

You can prepare those in advance to surprise them with this sweet snack on Halloween or when they are back to school. All you  need to do is assemble everything together.
Or why not, have all the elements ready and get the kiddos to make their own.

A “make your own monster doughnut station” will also be a super fun, mess free, activity for a Halloween party.

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