Make your Advent calendar: 24 countdown stickers and our DIY ideas

We love everything Christmassy here at Mine4Sure and some in the team start getting ready as soon as they have packed their Halloween decorations ! What best to get in the Christmas spirit than making an Advent calendar ?!
Of course, kids love supermarket bought ones. But let’s face it, their contents often turn out to be disappointing, cannot be used year after year. So this year, we’ve decided our Advent will be homemade or will not be ! To help you out make your Advent calendar, we’ve come up with 24 countdown stickers and a few DIY ideas. Because Mine4Sure is not just personalised labels, it’s also a lot of DIY ideas.

Make your Advent calendar: 24 countdown stickers and our DIY ideas

Simple yet effective: make your Advent calendar with small boxes or envelopes

homemade advent calendar

small boxes Advent Calendar with gold countdown stickers


Here is an idea to suit all pressed for time parents ! or if you read this article with only a few days to go before Advent starts 😊 : A homemade Advent calendar that can be made quickly and with little supplies !
More than ever you will find in crafts shops, small boxes or packagings in all shapes and forms, these are ideal. You can, of course, recycle small boxes, bags that you may have at home.

You will need 24 small boxes (we recommend plain kraft ones). Cover some of the lids with some fancy tissue paper if you wish. Then, add one each of the lids one of the countdown stickers.
After filling them with little gifts or treats, just display them in a pretty basket or dish.


Make your Advent calendar: 24 countdown stickers and our DIY ideas

Pouches with mat black and gold text countdown stickers

The Reuse, Recycle Advent calendar


Homemade recycled pillow boxes Advent calendar

toilet roll tubes Advent calendar with black and silver stickers


To make this Advent calendar, you will need :
– 24 cardboard toilet roll tubes
– a craft knife
– a drinking glass
– a branch
– colourful masking tape(s)
– some twine
– a length of ribbon
– some foliage

First, flatten the tubes by pressing gently.
Next, use the glass to draw a curve at both ends of the tube and gently score with the craft knife. Be careful not to cut all the way through the cardboard.
Now, press in on the long sides of the roll so the tubes look only slightly squashed
Push in the curved ends of the tubes to seal the ends so you end up with pillow boxes.
Decorate your boxes with the masking tape
Add the final touch by sticking a countdown sticker on each of the boxes.
Use the twine to hang them from the branch that you would have decorated beforehand with some masking tape and the foliage.


Mine4Sure Christmas 24 countdown stickers

Whatever, the DIY idea you choose for your homemade Advent calendar, you will need number stickers to add on each of your boxes, envelopes and containers. To match your beautiful work, we have come up with some beautiful countdown stickers that will add the perfect finishing touch. Thanks to the large range of colours available, you are bound to find the perfect colour combination to complement your hard work.

24 Mine4Sure countdown stickers - 9 colours

24 Mine4Sure countdown stickers – 9 colours


Why choose Mine4Sure stickers?

Like all our labels, we have given the greatest care in designing and making these stickers.

  • Our stickers are all printed by ourselves in our workshop
  • Waterproof, long lasting, these Advent stickers can be stuck on all clean and fairly smooth surfaces
  • Bright and unusual colours: metallic, silver, gold, sparkly and all printed with solvent free inks
  • Number stickers with fun designs
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • Fast production

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