Ghoul-rgeous window ghosts leaves DIY

We are absolutely in love with this Ghoul-rgeous window ghosts leaves DIY. The added treat is that it is really easy to make. In this article, we give you the detailed instructions on how to make these cute additions to your Halloween decor from autumn leaves.
Ghoul-rgeous window ghosts leaves DIY
What you will need:
  • The free printable to download and print
  • Some leaves freshly picked, preferably thick ones directly from the tree
  • Vinyl or white PVA glue
  • A paintbrush
  • A pair of scissors

Ghosts leaves DIY printable


Making your Ghoul-rgeous window ghosts leaves DIY: step by step
  • Take freshly picked leaves (preferably thick ones, as it will be easier to peel the ghosts off later).
  • Apply vinyl glue (or PVA) using a brush. Make sure you cover the entire surface of the leaf.
  • Cut out the eyes and glue them top side down.
  • Leave to dry for a few hours, until the glue is completely transparent.
  • Carefully lift the glue from the leaf.
  • Now all you have to do now is to stick your ghost leaves on the windows!

Halloween night has arrived 👻🍬
House decorated ✅
Ghosts on windows✅
Halloween costume prepared✅
Personalised Halloween bag ready for treats ✅
personalized Halloween totebag
Now, you’re ready to head out trick or treating around the neighbourhood! Happy Halloween!
We can’t wait to see your ghosts leaves DIY! Don’t hesitate to share with us @mine4sure on our Instagram and Facebook accounts

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