The Official Tooth Fairy certificate!

Official Tooth Fairy free printable

Loosing their teeth is a big thing in any kids’ life and always come at the end of an exciting adventure: the tooth came off in the soup, only fell after 3 weeks of intense wobbling, fell so quickly it got almost swallowed….  So imagine the joy and excitement of your brave and toothless adventurer to find under the pillow not only the “kind of” expected reward but also an official Tooth Fairy certificate!!

Our team, who has seen a lot of teeth falling in all sorts of weird circumstances, has been commissioned by the Tooth Fairy herself, to design her very own:


Official Tooth Fairy Certificate

Certified by the Tooth Fairy herself (although she is very busy as you know), this card, which comes in 4 colours, is ready for you to print.

Tooth Fairy official certificate free printable

All you have to do is:
1. Print the Tooth Fairy receipts
2. Cut them out
3. Fill one in with the appropriate information

… before (discretly) slip it with the reward beneath the pillow!


The legend of the Tooth Fairy

the tooth fairy article


As for all legends, the origin of the Tooth Fairy is not a sure thing. It is likely that it combines different stories.
One possible origin is a French “fairy” tale from the XVII century by Mme d’ Aulnoy “The good little mouse”. It is the pretty terrifying story of a fairy, who in order to help the queen, transformed herself into a mouse and chewed the face of the (very) nasty king. Not really the type of stories that we, parents, nowadays, are happy to read to our kiddos at bedtime!
As incredible as this can be, this could be considered a good origin for the beloved toothfairy

Another possible origin, much more recent and noticeably less scary, is anglo-saxon and dates back to 1927 when Esther Watkins Arnold published a short 3 acts play called … wait for it… “The Tooth Fairy”!! In 1949, Lee Rogow used the title again in a story for children published in the magazine Collier’s. This is in this latest version that the idea of exchanging a tooth for a coin appears.

Very popular in the 50’s, it probably also contributed to raise awareness of good mouth and teeth hygiene. Awareness that is still so important today given the increase of sugar intake in our daily food.
And nowadays, it can also be a way where we can do our best in terms of environment protection by choosing a sustainable toothbrush. Nowadays, there are a lot of choices: made of bamboo, with a interchangeable head.

Labelling the kids wash bag contents to avoid germy mix-ups and make sure they come back home

If your child is going away on school trips, to camp or simply for a sleepover, remember to label all their belongings including the content of their wash bags to make sure they come back with it. This is also a good way to avoid germy mix-ups.
Our personalised stickers are perfect for this purpose. Our special holiday camp packs will also allow you to label their clothes, shoes and other precious belongings

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