Mine4Sure - Iron-On Clothing Labels and Stickers for Kids

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Round stickers
Round stickersRound stickers

36 round stickers to stick on all your objects.

The name is printed following the curve of the labels.

Small and versatile, they can be personalised with the picture of your choice.

Like all our other stick-on labels, they are ultra thin, incredibly durable and washable.

Dimensions: 26mm ∅

$12.90 USD
Mini stickers
Mini stickersMini stickers

Ideal to personalise pens, pencils, sunglasses, swimming mask, toothbrushes, combs, shampoo bottles, cutlery and so many small items…

Dimensions: 44x6mm

from $11.10 USD
Small stickers
Small stickersSmall stickersSmall stickers

Perfect size stickers for pencils cases, rulers, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, helmets, small toys, table tennis rackets, music instruments, rubber rings, arm bands, games, the list is endless ?

Make the labels truly yours: all of our pictures (104 to choose from) can be printed on the small stickers.

Dimensions: 56x22mm

from $11.70 USD
Rectangular stickers
Rectangular stickersRectangular stickers
12 x Rectangular stickers

These 3-lines personalised stickers are perfect to label books, calculators, notebooks, bottles, tumblers/cups, boxes, games, plates and the list goes on and on !

from $8.00 USD
Big stickers
Big stickers

Great for books, bottles, cups, boxes, tennis rackets, toys, lunch boxes, flasks, skates, surfs, skis, rollerblades, plates, hard-surface suitcases and so many other things ?

These stickers will accommodate any of our pictures.

Dimensions: 81x21mm

from $15.40 USD
5 Line Stickers
5 Line Stickers

A square sticker especially designed for your address or personalised message.

You can have up to 5 lines of text, each of 22 characters maximum, choose your picture, colours ...

Dimensions: 45x45mm

from $11.10 USD
The Sticker Pack
The Sticker PackThe Sticker PackThe Sticker PackThe Sticker Pack
16 x Rectangular stickers
18 x round stickers (26mm)
30 x small stickers (56x11mm)
48 x mini-stickers (44x6mm)

Because we all have personal objects we want to label in our name. Mine4Sure has designed this specific sticker pack containing 4 different sizes of stick-on labels, which will allow you to label quickly and durably all your personal belongings! The stickers contained in this pack are washable, waterproof, and untearable will be very useful to label: mobile phones, PDA, CDs, DVDs, books, laptops, pens, tennis rackets, skis, luggage, helmets, toothbrushes... This pack also suits associations, sports clubs, schools or companies who need to identify long term their equipment.

$27.10 USD
Christmas One by one stickers
Christmas One by one stickers
8 x A5N

Add a personal message to your Christmas gifts and homemade presents , with our Christmas One by one stickers: our square stickers especially designed for the Holiday season.

Sold in sets of 8, each sticker can have its own message.

Choose amongst 5 festive designs, 13 background colours and 5 fonts.

They will add the final touch to all your gifts!

Dimensions : 45mn x 45 mm

$7.80 USD
Gift Box
Gift Box
1 x gift box

Our gift box: the perfect gift presentation for the labels you offer.

The perfect solution to offer and tidy all the labels!

$3.10 USD