Mine4Sure - Iron-On Clothing Labels and Stickers for Kids

Welcome to the mine4sure website

Personalised labels to mark
clothes, shoes and all belongings
(schools, sports, hobbies...)

Make your own name labels to identify the clothes and belongings of your children, elder relatives or anyone in a collective environment.
Personalise your labels by choosing from our different types of labels,
our fantastic colour range and our large selection of pictures.


Why mine4sure labels?

-  children all too easily forget or loose their belongings, or are not yet able to recognise them,
- schools, nurseries, after-school clubs, sports teams … require parents to identify
their children’s belongings.
- an efficient, quick and reliable way of responding to these marking requirements -with our increasingly busy life styles, who has time to sew on labels ?
- because children have much more than clothes to be identified :shoes, sport equipment, books, stationery, toys, baby paraphernalia...

About mine4sure

 - Our company has designed and developed iron-on labels from new materials that will stick easily, rapidly and efficiently on all types of fabrics (including wool and nylon). We also offer a wide range of stickers perfect for everything else (bottles, toys, books, stationery ….).
- we do the technical side by choosing the best materials and leave you the fun bit : choosing the shape, the colour, the font and design to have your unique name labels.
- we endeavour to offer the best value in terms of price and quality.

How to order

You can order your labels through our website (secured payment). 

Our range

Because practicality does not need to be boring, mine4sure offers a wide range of colours and fonts : from the most classic to the most modern. You also have the possibility to add a fun picture to your labels.

Our commitment

mine4sure is conscious of public health and safety and we have a policy of not using potentially harmful chemicals. All the inks used respect the German fabric standard "Oeko-Tex Standard 100", considerably stricter than European norms.
In addition, all our stickers and iron-on labels conform to the toy standard EN71-3, which limits the concentration of heavy metals.


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