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10 Sew-on labels
Sew-on labels
10 x satin labels for clothes (55x10mm)

Made of white satin, the labels are ready cut. The thermo-cut edges will prevent fraying.

The text on the labels is printed with solvent free inks. Choose the colour of your text: blue, red, black or green. Add a picture if you wish.

Our smallest quantity set available

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30 Sew-on labels
Sew-on labels
30 x satin labels for clothes (55x10mm)

Ready cut labels in white satin. Thermo cut edges to prevent fraying

The text is printed. Choose your favourite colour of text amongst a choice of 4 solvent free inks

To mark the essentials of those going to school or living a communal environment

Also ideal to personalise your "home made" creations

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60 Sew-on labels
Sew-on labels
60 x satin labels for clothes (55x10mm)

White satin labels printed in either: blue, red, black or green.

The edges are thermo-cut to prevent fraying.

For a little extra, you will mark the majority of your child’s or parent's clothes.

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110 Sew-on labels
Sew-on labels
110 x satin labels for clothes (55x10mm)

Ideal to label all your child's clothes as and when needed : change of season, your child grows out, going to summer camp....

A much larger pack for only a little more

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160 Sew-on labels
Sew-on labels
160 x satin labels for clothes (55x10mm)

This very complete pack will allow you to mark all the clothes. Ideal for communal living : boarding school, retirement home, care home...

Thermo cut white satin labels that won't fray.

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